Music Schedule for April 6, 2014 Wholistic Living Expo

Music Stage in Main Exhibit Hall

  • 8:45-9:00 Opening Ceremony for Exhibitors and Friends of Exhibitors
  • 9:00-9:20 Joseph Carringer: Didgeridoo
  • 9:30-10:15 Richard Carr: Contemporary Piano
  • 10:30-11:15 John Two-Hawks-Multi-instrumentalist, incredible vocalist and native flute virtuoso
  • 11:25-12:15 Todd Mosby-Traditional jazz guitar and Indian guitar
  • 12:25-1:00 Jacquelyn Kleine: Flute solo, or (with piano or with guitar)
  • 1:10-1:30 Todd Mosby: “Sonic Cleanse”, Intimate guitar music-journey inward and expand outward
  • 1:40-2:10 John Two-Hawks: Multi-instrumentalist, incredible vocalist and native flute virtuoso
  • 2:15-2:45 Jacquelyn Kleine: Flute solo, or (with piano or with guitar)
  • 2:55-3:30 Richard Carr: Contemporary Piano
  • 3:40-5:00 John Two-Hawks: Multi-instrumentalist, incredible vocalist and native flute virtuoso

(The Music Schedule is subject to change as Spirit and the musicians are Guided!)

John Two-Hawks

John Two-Hawks is a GRAMMY® and Emmy nominated, Platinum Award Winning recording artist whose music has been featured in movies by Fox Searchlight, films by HBO, and programs by The History Channel.  Two-Hawks is a bona fide Native American Flute Music visionary and pioneer who was among the first to introduce the Indigenous Flute to the world decades ago.  From the beginning he demanded the highest standards of excellence. As a result Two-Hawks has taken his signature brand of high caliber Native American Flute music into places it has never been, brought it to millions who had never heard it before, and elevated it to a place of equal billing and respect in the world of music.

Even with the enormous amount of success he has experienced, John Two-Hawks remains kind, gentle and humble, and he has always been true to his Lakota ethnic and cultural lineage.  He is a man of honor, who fiercely guards his solitude and privacy, and yet has offered himself freely to millions around the world as a voice for peace, healing and social justice.  John Two-Hawks is gracious and eloquent, and yet remains a fiery advocate for Indigenous human and civil rights.

12:15-1:00 JOHN TWO-HAWKS “A LIFE OF PURPOSE-A LAKOTA PERSPECTIVE” John Two-Hawks will open the door and bring us into that place where the heart of Lakota wisdom still beats strong, and always has.  He will share profound messages from that place, showing us the power of honor, the necessity of sacrifice and the importance of vision, and how the wisdom of these virtues light the way to a life of purpose.  Two-Hawks, whose ethnic, familial and cultural lineage is Oglala Lakota, will share from his unique Lakota perspective, imparting a gift for all to carry forward into their life.  LECTURE ROOM SCOUT NORTH.
John is a bona fide mainstream World, Alternative and New Age Fusion music visionary who has always set new trends and broken new ground in music genres. A remarkably gifted multi-instrumentalist, incredible vocalist and native flute virtuoso, Two-Hawks’ signature brand of World Fusion, Native, Alternative and New Age Fusion music is known and loved by millions around the world. www.johntwohawks.com


Joseph Carringer

Joe_Didge_300dpi_4x6Joseph Carringer is a professional didgeridoo musician and sound therapist. In his sound therapy practice he uses concert class didgeridoos, combining Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian and organ theory with Ayurvedic Chakra philosophies creating a unique and powerful therapeutic sound healing experience.


9:30-10:10 JOSEPH CARRINGER will facilitate“Didgeridoo Journey” A basic introduction/experiential journey, to the principals to Didgeridoo Sound Therapy, journeying and meditation. The didgeridoo keys selected are chosen for their ability to support journeying, visioning and intention manifestation. Lecture Room Scott South



Richard Carr

APRIL 2014 richard-carrAfter spending a decade in New Orleans’ French Quarter, composer/contemporary pianist Richard Carr returned to his native St. Louis in Sept ‘05.  The spirit of Richard’s music remains a soothing elixir for the soul, mind and body.  His 11 solo piano albums are favorably compared to pianists George Winston and David Lanz.  His improvisational composition style is reminiscent of Keith Jarrett’s solo piano concerts and his 3 synth-based albums draw comparisons to Steve Roach and Tangerine Dream.   He also works with individuals to develop an individualized empowerment tool called I AM Creative Sessions; personalized music compositions channeled and created with the combined focused energy of the client, Richard and divine love for specific intentions.  Aside from Richard’s albums, he has been creating and posting a new piece of music every day for his Year of Music project.  The Year of Music Project began in May 2011 and continues on today.

For more information:  www.RichardCarr.com and www.SoundCloud.com/richard-carr.

Todd Ferris Mosby: Composer, Guitarist, Educator

Having lived most of his musical life between the Missouri hills and Saint Louis, Mosby brings the diverse musical culture of the region to his solo guitar work. From Ozark Bluegrass to Calcutta, India to Saint Louis style Traditional Jazz and Mississippi Blues, Mosby brings it all together in soulful compositions and technically challenging guitar pieces. Stories mixed with music history and audience interaction create an intimate environment and concert setting.

Musical sounds stemming from the roots of Missouri’s woodlands shape the music reflected in acoustic blues guitar, electronic new age guitar, traditional jazz guitar and Indian guitar creating a memorable event.

As the only guitarist to become a member of the Imdad Khani Gharana of sitar musicians (considered the finest in India), Mosby offers a one of a kind performance on the Imrat Guitar. The Indian Guitar (Imrat Guitar) was designed in conjunction with Ustadt Imrat Khan who is his guruji. Performance on this instrument is a hybrid form of ancient Indian rag mixed with western contemporary harmony.  http://toddmosbymusic.com/

Sonic Cleanse & Songs of the Earth: Intimate guitar music will journey inward and expand outward. Mosby has written a unique set of compositions for solo acoustic, indian and electric guitars titled Songs Of The Earth from Missouri. Also included is a set of compositions which provides a vibrational high frequency sonic cleanse. This program has been used to help cancer patients and may be an equally good fit for any venue or festival large or small.


Jacquelyn Kleine-Flautist

j-flute-2013Jacquelyn “Wyndsong” offers Flute Solo, Flute & Guitar or Flute & Piano Music for your occasion. Jacquelyn, a Music and Creative Arts Specialist, is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, has performed and taught music for years! Her passion is to share and inspire arts education, creative expression and therapeutic healing through her teaching, music lessons, classes, performances, recordings, videos, and creative arts. Jacki (GentleCreations by Jacki) gives private and class lessons in Flute or Native American Flute as well as sessions in Expressive Arts and Movement. She facilitates a Native American Flute group, called, “Native Spirit Winds” at the Center for Spiritual Living, that meets twice a month on Monday evenings. “Wyndsong,” her performing name, offers Solo Flutes performances, Flute & Guitar or Flute & Piano in the styles of Classical, Contemporary Instrumental, Ambient and other genres. Recently, she released a new, meditative CD: “Lyrical Breezes” Featuring the Concert Flute, 3 Native American Flutes and the Dizi (a Chinese Flute) with the Sounds of Nature. Contact Jacki for more information on lessons, sessions and performances.