Spirit Seeker Readers are people on a quest for enlightenment, most of whom meditate, practice yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other forms of spiritual body movement. Our readers are dedicated to self-improvement, creating inner peace and improving the world that we live in.

Our readers have come to rely on Spirit Seeker as a resource for their spiritual development. Our readers are 40% male and 60% female. Most, (85%), are upper middle class with an annual income of more than $60,000, are college graduates who visit alternative practitioners (93%), use vitamins and supplements (98.5%), prefer environmentally friendly products (100%), buy organic food (86%), and travel extensively to attend workshops and seminars (89%).

All of them purchase DVDs, books, CDs, as well as a wide variety of products to assist with their personal growth. Spirit Seeker Magazine is a vehicle to provide extremely targeted marketing to forward-thinking advertisers. Advertisers find that Spirit Seeker creates a dialogue between product and consumer, ultimately, generating brand awareness with their desired audience.

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